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Artist Statement

Artist Statement

My obsession is not to capture the invisible but showing it with the best tool I have the light... I m not trying to catch the light itself but the interaction with the source behind it of what I call " the signature ". At this point the light is just for me a transporter, a teacher working in and out like a pencil always ready to write a new story...

So more than just taking a picture I see objets and reflections as a tool to communicate beyond the invisible... for that when using in the right way geometrical structures light patterns and colours can be transform into an universal language functioning like a transmitter... from here where possibilities seems limitless a parallel world of interactions visual perceive as a dialogue can be translated into an Artwork .

Diving inside of this live-communication where answers become a true visual expression, an image can have multi-interpretations creatively, a " Mise-en-scène " to remember at the end maybe where we all come from...

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