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Window Star, 2018

Divine Echo III, 2018

Ufo Talk, 2018

Happy Too, 2018

Metal Queen II, 2018

Notre Dame, 2018

Surprise Me III, 2018

Park Angel II, 2018

Flying Gate II, 2018

Show Me The Light, 2018

The Smoking Cat, 2018

Under Lift, 2018

The Mount Never Rest, 2018

The Ring Man, 2018

Trade Center Me, 2018

Resonance X, 2018



I like to see Abstract Expressionism as a communication. So one of my main inspiration is the radio-telescope, because a bit in the same way by collecting light past events with a geometrical structure, it brings invisible to us beautiful visual stories, trying at the same time to answer at two fundamental questions… where are we going? and What are we?

— following this principle with my artistic vision, my artwork is a need to express using a geometrical language of form, lines, colours and a tool call a camera the unconscious higher side and meaning of the human nature through life events and experiences into of what I call a light-signature image, resulting from a true visual interaction of homemade geometrical objets, angles, curves, reflections and movement, using the sunlight or the moonlight see “Arc” and “The Ring Of Changes” in collection, questioning deep inside...Could light be alive? and what is behind it?

— from this inner point of view, my main subject is first of all a fascination of the intrinsic communication within and beyond our mind through objets, light and the geometrical language behind it… by turning reality into something visual alive, let’s call it” The ghost in the machine with a broken eye” or “Anuomii” created by working with different angles geometric structures, colours value, movement distance objets connected or not to the camera, and mixed media materials… a construct inspired artistically from the idea that reality is a giant transmitter, which everything living inside can be reduced as a single code or a signature to communicate instantaneously through the mind… In short, my artwork is a self-expression in the now of the true communication behind what I see or experience translated into a timeless light-signature image, to capture at the end by exploring the infinite possibilities of our own uniqueness, the wondrous world that exists alongside the perceptible reality…

In this serie called " Behind the light " colors and shapes can have a strong effect of how we perceive the world... Here, seen as a multi-dimensional objet, colours can take different forms of expression or meaning, an attractive sensation of what is there or what is coming, creating at the end, through this emotional atmosphere the perfect scenario.